April 3, 2012

This weekend Katie and I put a lot of backbreaking work in to our gardens, to get them up to speed for the new seasons. Of particular pleasure is the fact that we planted two trees end of season and they both survived and are starting to leaf out. That’s a big deal.

So we weeded, we raked, we picked up sticks, we trimmed and primped and planted. We started our seedlings the other week for our veggies. All in all it was a good weekend.

Katie and I are currently discussing our goals for this season. We definitely have a garden we’d like to finish, as well as the veggies, and we’ve even started talking about a chicken coop. At 18 eggs a week, we could use the help.

So my question to you is, what are you doing to get ready for the new season? Cleaning? Gardening? Mowing? Cooking? Tell us in the comments!

Bonus post! Our basement flooded after running the post-cookie dishes through the dishwasher, so we called in a plumber. Turns out our mainline was clogged. When clearing the line, his blade got stuck, because our pipe is damaged, collapsed, or crushed. It wasn’t clear which. What was clear, and kind of amazing is what came out.

Those are tree roots. Probably about two feet of tree roots. It’s kind of a miracle it came out. On the plus side, it gives us running (draining) water….for now. On the negative side, our pipe needs repair and I’ve never heard anyone be happy about having to repair a sewer line. Aren’t we lucky.

Feel free to send donations. Just kidding. Kind of.

Late Summer Update

September 14, 2011

As we wind down in to fall, Katie and I are finally getting back to our plan of working on the yard. Earlier in the year we had a decent wind storm that took a big branch out of our cotton tree.

So we did what any rational person would do, and ignored it for the next several months while we worked on other projects. The yard got bumped this year after our vegetable garden went in, and really, who wants to take apart a giant branch when it’s 104 degrees out.

So as it has cooled down, we decided to attend to the most neglected part of our yard, including taking the branch apart, weeding the gravel pit, as we so fondly call it, and “recreationally burn” our firepit. With kindling. From our yard. Yeah.

So we broke the branch down

And we burned.

And weeded

It’s nice to get our yard and our space back. We’ve also been tucking in our plants and preparing for cold weather, harvesting in our garden (home grown tomatoes are the BEST), and we’re hoping to squeeze out one garden before the end of the season. Of course we’ll keep you posted about that.

Finally, Katie is hard at work on the little table, which is coming along nicely.

Happy fall!