In A New Light

February 20, 2012

As I have mentioned time and time again, updating the lights in our house has been one of the easiest ways to make the space nicer and more like our own. Recently, I tackled the bathroom. Our previous owner, Mr. Do-It-Yourself-Taking-Every-Possible-Shortcut had a real LOVE for wood. Ugh. So our bathroom has wooden cabinets and a wooden box light strip. YUCK. So I finally decided to redo it.

As you can see, wood everywhere, and I think it totally clashes with my awesome Tiffany’s blue bathroom. So after turning off the circuit (of course), I dismantled the box. You can see the two screws on the front. Because they did things like paint around it, it was stuck pretty firmly on there. So, screws off, bulbs out, then PULL and it came off. A little more dismantling, and ta-da – we were left with just the raw wiring.

I’ll have to talk to my photographer to get less fuzzy pictures (<3 you!). Anyway, as per typical wiring, you have your black, your white, and the copper wire is our ground. We picked up an inexpensive light strip from the ReStore near us, and immediately discovered that the screw holes were not at all in the same spot. So a quick trip to the hardware store fixed that. We got some toggle anchors and screws, measured, and put the new anchors in.

Once those were in, we used some long 2″ screws we also picked up and began installing the new fixture. We twisted the correct wires (black to black, white to white, ground to ground) together, stuffed it behind the fixture and screwed it in.

A quick wipe with some glass cleaner and it was all ready to go!

I love how it looks – it totally jives with our bathroom feeling. I think my next chore will be to take the cupboards apart, paint them white to match the trim, add some cute paper to the back wall of the cabinets, and reassemble, but that’s all for another post 🙂


Bonus post! Our basement flooded after running the post-cookie dishes through the dishwasher, so we called in a plumber. Turns out our mainline was clogged. When clearing the line, his blade got stuck, because our pipe is damaged, collapsed, or crushed. It wasn’t clear which. What was clear, and kind of amazing is what came out.

Those are tree roots. Probably about two feet of tree roots. It’s kind of a miracle it came out. On the plus side, it gives us running (draining) water….for now. On the negative side, our pipe needs repair and I’ve never heard anyone be happy about having to repair a sewer line. Aren’t we lucky.

Feel free to send donations. Just kidding. Kind of.


November 29, 2011

This weekend we pulled out our quickly amassing tubs of Christmas ornaments to decorate the house. Is it early, sure. But it’s SHINY. Besides, I love my tinsel tree (yes I HAVE a tinsel tree. Are we surprised? No). Anyhoo, I thought I’d post a quick project for my lovelies to make this time of year.

Step 1: Find some doilies- you can check antique shops, Joann’s, Michael’s, or Grandma’s trunk.

Step 2: Get some fabric stiffener.

Step 3: Stiffen said fabric.

Step 4: Allow the doilies to dry on a flat surface or rack (for better air circulation).

The dried doilies will become hard and you will be able to string them up. Stringing several together makes a nice snowflake effect.


July 22, 2011

Katie and I have been pretty busy the last few weeks, but we have managed to make some progress on a couple projects- namely chairs. As always, we’ve had our ongoing battle with the re-upholstering project, and we’ve finally gotten all the pieces sewn, all the buttons made, and we’re ready to go. I’m hoping to finish the chair this weekend.

First, we had a long battle of finding the appropriate fabric to cover the seat. I was hoping to find a modern fabric to pop from the grey corduroy we found at Goodwill. It had to be a home dec weight fabric to hold up to the seating, and interesting enough without being *too* interesting. Here’s what we found:

I cut a small slice from the edge to cover my own buttons to match. The end result is

Next, I began sewing the buttons through the front of the chair to the back and securing them. The intention is to pillow the buttons in to the padding of the chair. I will then secure the fabric to the frame, pulling it tight.


I ran in to an issue on my first attempt. The buttons pulled right through. After a little research, I just made sure to thread the buttons through twice, so that more fabric was caught and securing the button.

The end result is starting to look pretty good I think. More pictures to follow in the next update.


At the same time, my mother and grandmother were in town and helped us re-organize our problematic living room. We didn’t spend much time there and it was really just a landing zone for my massive shoe collection.  After an afternoon of cleaning, reorganizing, dusting, and clutter control, we hit the thrift stores to find a couple chairs to drop in for seating. We came up with two chairs- one I’ll make a separate post about as it is not quite finished, and the other:


I’m not sure who decided that a red chair should be assaulted with that fabric. Ugh. We popped the seat out, ripped the fabric off, applied a nice creamy coat of paint, new fabric, and voila!

A super cute, modern looking chair. I’m thinking about painting rings to match on the back, or making arms for the chair, but that’s a post for another day. Stay tuned.