Processing 2.0

January 9, 2012

Okay here’s another batch of process pictures. This one will be short and sweet.

Here’s where we left off. After Batman was left hovering with no legs, I filled the rest of him in.

I then started working on the Flash.

Blocking in the Flash and working in the detail on his top. You can see Batman up close too.

Top half finished…in a flash…yeah I went there.

Legs sketched and blocked in

Flash’s leg completed.

The completed trio.


Since the dude on the right is intimidating, I decided to start on Wonder Woman. I have her sketched in as the updated Wonder Woman, but upon request, I revamped her outfit.

I actually have Wonder Woman about done, but I have to fix the shadows and such so I didn’t want to post it yet. More details to come. Next up: The Green Lantern.


January 6, 2012

Okay so I promised updates, and here we go. I’ve been working on a commissioned drawing of the Justice League, as I discussed at length in my previous post about the evolution of my drawing. As I’ve worked on this drawing, I thought it would be fun to take pictures along the way. I started off by taking pictures every hour, but once I got in to it, I realized I was getting a lot done in an hour so I’m trying to take pictures a bit more often. I also am trying to capture some of the in-between drawing so that you can see the process a little bit more. The total time in this project so far is about four to five hours.


I’m hoping to finish the entire right side of the drawing by the end of the weekend, so we’ll see how it goes. More posts to come, and don’t worry, Batman won’t be hovering for long.


January 3, 2012

Since we missed a few days and because my last post didn’t have all the pictures I needed, you get a bonus post for today. Hooray! It’s kind of like getting a coupon, but you don’t really get anything for it. So it’s kind of like finding a good coupon you forgot about.

That aside.

I’m starting my next project, which is a commissioned drawing of the Justice League. Of course I have to do it in colored pencil because hey, it’s my medium.

Colored pencil is a finicky medium to work in. When I think of colored pencil, I think I’m not alone in thinking of all the pictures that just weren’t crayon.

Indeed, part of it is your ability to draw. But when I was younger, I always found colored pencil difficult to use and like because I felt it showed all the lines and it didn’t fill the space well. That is, until I discovered PrismaColors.




They’re amazing. It’s like drawing with colored butter. Anyway, because I can draw (you can too..ask me how!), I started working on small projects to learn the feel of them, mostly beans and fruit and things that have gradual color changes. I really wasn’t that good at it.

I mean right? What mango looks like that. Anyway, as is my mantra…practice practice practice. I worked with a dear friend of mine who helped me understand that it didn’t have to be about making everything like a crayon, and the result was this drawing of my mom’s pup.

As you can see, you can definitely see the sketch lines and it’s not in a thick layer of color.


Now I do little sketches a lot, and my mastery of the pencil has grown:

So I attempted something my little brother had wanted for ages. A drawing of Samus Aran. I put together the resulting drawing, and thought it was pretty good.

A divorce and some missing items later, the drawing was alas, gone. I remember when drawing it I was terrified to do the visor- I mean, what if I effed it up. What I did learn is that I could blend color well, and that it could have a magical effect on a drawing. I did a few other projects, such as this one:

And eventually worked my way up to another Samus drawing for said brother, but went all out. This time, I got:

Bad. Frikken. Ass. I loved it. So colored pencil has been my medium ever since.

The whole point of this story is that I’m starting another pencil drawing of this magnitude and I wanted to bring you along for the ride. Maybe you’ll recognize the characters from my initial sketch.

This is about an hour in, putting in forms and shadows. Remember this is still a reasonably crude drawing.

 (proof that it’s not perfect)