Garden Update

April 20, 2012

The sun is shining and it’s already been over 80 degrees here in lovely, sunny Denver. While that is bad for our water supply, it’s been great for the garden so far. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside, trying to get the garden spruced up and ready for spring. We cleaned out the weeds from the veggie garden and we have lots of sprouts going in the garage, waiting to make sure there’s not going to be one more freak snowstorm.

Our decorative gardens don’t want to wait, and they’re already having a heyday. We had almost everything come back from last year, and we went in and did a little early-season intervention for the things that didn’t. One of those things in particular were the yews that are supposed to grow along the front of the house. Now, we had put these in once before, and they hung on for maybe a month or two before they all turned brown and died. Come to find out that our sprinklers don’t reach that part of the garden. Couple that with the extra heat that part of the garden gets reflecting off of the house, and it’s a recipe for disaster. The old bushes have now been ripped up and replaced, and we have been watering religiously, and looking into getting a soaker hose in that part of the garden.

We also filled in at least a few of the more barren spaces with a few coleus, and we got some ornamental thyme and a couple other kinds of ground cover to give us more overall green, and hopefully keep down some of the weeds.



So, definitely a few bare spots still, but it’s coming along!

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