April 3, 2012

This weekend Katie and I put a lot of backbreaking work in to our gardens, to get them up to speed for the new seasons. Of particular pleasure is the fact that we planted two trees end of season and they both survived and are starting to leaf out. That’s a big deal.

So we weeded, we raked, we picked up sticks, we trimmed and primped and planted. We started our seedlings the other week for our veggies. All in all it was a good weekend.

Katie and I are currently discussing our goals for this season. We definitely have a garden we’d like to finish, as well as the veggies, and we’ve even started talking about a chicken coop. At 18 eggs a week, we could use the help.

So my question to you is, what are you doing to get ready for the new season? Cleaning? Gardening? Mowing? Cooking? Tell us in the comments!

3 Responses to “Yardening”

  1. Robyn said

    Spring cleaning! I keep looking around my house at all the crap that has accumulated on shelves and in drawers over the past year or so and have become disgusted by it. If I can’t picture myself packing it in a box and taking it with me if I moved, it’s gotta go!

  2. Daniel said

    With 2 kids in the house, spring cleaning is a biweekly event. For me, it’s more about getting the spring clothes out, then actually wearing them. Aside from that not much. Winter is generally mild enough, that it’s *almost* like spring. Just wetter (a little)

  3. We have definitely started cleaning too. You know we’re serious when we consider cleaning the carpets (by the way Katie, I think we should clean the carpets.)

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