A Mary Poppins Moment

March 18, 2012

We may have already had one bird feeder here at Burbex. We were just excited to have more than little brown sparrows that we had when we lived in the city. We both come from a long tradition of bird-feeding families, though, and really, who doesn’t like some more birds. We do, and the cats REALLY do. So, based on a cute idea we saw on Pinterest, we set out to make a few more bird feeders.

We started with 3 glass globes from light fixtures that we picked up from the Re-store for $2 each (We had a little incident with one, which is why there are only two feeders in the last picture). We also got some metal rings from Joann’s and some small chain from Lowe’s ($.59 and $6.97 respectively).

For our first attempt, we tried to make three hanging chains, and attach them all to the ring. From there, we hung it from a hook, and inserted the globe.

The problem with this feeder is that the chains don’t stay in one place on the ring, so if you get anything out of balance, you can have a catastrophe. This is what happened to our mysterious missing globe. We ended up tying little pieces of string around the ring to help the chains stay in place, and we ended up with a version of this design that does work.


For the second design, we decided to try for something a little more stable. So instead of using the metal ring on the bottom, we made a loop of the chain, and then attached the ascending pieces to that. The links on the bottom loop keep the ascenders from moving around the loop, and it is more stable.


So in the end we have two cute bird feeders, and we bought two more globes this weekend, to replace the lost one. Because our goal in life is to make sure our cats never lack for entertainment.

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