In A New Light

February 20, 2012

As I have mentioned time and time again, updating the lights in our house has been one of the easiest ways to make the space nicer and more like our own. Recently, I tackled the bathroom. Our previous owner, Mr. Do-It-Yourself-Taking-Every-Possible-Shortcut had a real LOVE for wood. Ugh. So our bathroom has wooden cabinets and a wooden box light strip. YUCK. So I finally decided to redo it.

As you can see, wood everywhere, and I think it totally clashes with my awesome Tiffany’s blue bathroom. So after turning off the circuit (of course), I dismantled the box. You can see the two screws on the front. Because they did things like paint around it, it was stuck pretty firmly on there. So, screws off, bulbs out, then PULL and it came off. A little more dismantling, and ta-da – we were left with just the raw wiring.

I’ll have to talk to my photographer to get less fuzzy pictures (<3 you!). Anyway, as per typical wiring, you have your black, your white, and the copper wire is our ground. We picked up an inexpensive light strip from the ReStore near us, and immediately discovered that the screw holes were not at all in the same spot. So a quick trip to the hardware store fixed that. We got some toggle anchors and screws, measured, and put the new anchors in.

Once those were in, we used some long 2″ screws we also picked up and began installing the new fixture. We twisted the correct wires (black to black, white to white, ground to ground) together, stuffed it behind the fixture and screwed it in.

A quick wipe with some glass cleaner and it was all ready to go!

I love how it looks – it totally jives with our bathroom feeling. I think my next chore will be to take the cupboards apart, paint them white to match the trim, add some cute paper to the back wall of the cabinets, and reassemble, but that’s all for another post 🙂


One Response to “In A New Light”

  1. Yeah, I think getting rid of the last remainder of wood will be awesome in there.

    What in the world are toggle anchors and how does one use them?

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