Block Party

February 9, 2012

Maybe we’re crazy, but every day Katie and I have the same debate about what to have for dinner. We’ve moved in to a place of meal planning and after coming up with all kinds of fun and new ideas, we get tapped out before our list is complete.


I got creative and decided I’d make something to help us out.

I started with a piece of 2×2 and cut it in to uniform cubes.

I sanded down the edges so we didn’t have splinters, and then I got really lazy. The pretty thing to do would have been to paint them. I just didn’t care that much, so I took them inside and began making little suggestions for them.

Each block contains a set of foods – one is protein, one is veg, one is carb/starch and we just have a set to roll. I also did one for breakfast since we do a special Sunday breakfast each week.


This may all seem a bit silly, but the intention is to roll them to get a basic idea of where to go. It inspires ideas instead of sitting around with the convo “I don’t know, what do you want to have.”

This is an example. With this roll, I’d be inclined to pull together a BLT. Similarly you could make breakfast omelets with toast. It’s just a way to kick off some ideas. These aren’t fancy and took me less than 30 minutes to make INCLUDING the drying time of the glue. If you wanted to you could paint them, seal them, do all kinds of things to make them flashy.


One Response to “Block Party”

  1. Do you get a special meal if you roll all naturals? 😀

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