Badge of BurbExcellence

February 1, 2012

We want to see what you’re doing.


Okay that sounded creepy. We are interested in seeing what projects you’re working on. I know you like reading about what we’re doing but we’d love to have some back and forth around here about what people are working on, tips, project ideas, you name it, we love it.

I’ll even resort to a little bribery. I’m working on designing a badge you can have on your website, facebook, where ever, which father Burb has dubbed the badge of BurbExcellence. It will be really cool. Or not. But still, we’ll make it for you.

So please! Let us know what you’re working on- pictures, ideas, projects, sewing, painting, building, all the good stuff we can talk about. I’d love to feature someone every week. If nothing else, it’s free publicity!

One Response to “Badge of BurbExcellence”

  1. I’m working on starting a new cast iron pan, the first one I’ve owned personally. There is a lot to learn about cast iron if you didn’t grow up using it. I’d rather you guys wrote the article, though. 😀

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