A Wreath By Any Other Name Still Tastes As Sweet

December 18, 2011

It’s all cookies, all the time around the BurbEx. This is the season we just plain go to town with them. Yesterday Katie posted about peanut butter cups and dipped pretzels. Today, I’m going to talk about sugar cookies.

I love sugar cookies, but I hate making them. I feel like they’re a lot of work for things that I just plain like better. I guess what I’m saying is that I love the idea of sugar cookies a lot.

This year, to make it more interesting, I thought I’d take my hours of watching ‘Unwrapped’ and apply it to my sugar cookies.

Starting with a generic sugar cookie dough, I split one third off in to another bowl, a small chunk half the size of my (small) fist, and the rest I left alone. these are going to be my three colors.

I re-chilled the dough before I colored it. When coloring, I prefer the gel-based colors because they don’t add weird texture issues to your dough. I made the small chunk red, the medium chunk green, and left the rest “white.”

I then re-chilled the dough. It gets quite sticky when warm, and because it has some butter in it, it warms and melts fairly quickly because of the heat from your hands.

So the pattern that I chose is a wreath pattern. I started with a log of the white.

I made mine kind of large. I’d suggest rolling one that is about 1/2″ wide or so. This forms the center of the wreath. I then rolled out the green, to wrap around the log. This will make the actual wreath.

To prove that we have bad days too, you can see that my logs look kind of sketchy. Between it being to warm and sticky, and too cold and not sticky, I had a hard time getting them to play nicely. Eventually though, I bullied them together.

The final step is to roll another white log to go around the outside. The red I rolled in to two thin snakes and put them next to each other to create a bow, which will go next to the green and inside the white.

As you can see, the layers come through and it at least resembles a wreath, even if it’s not Martha-worthy. The ends get ugly, so just slice off enough to find the pretty stuff.

Yes, I used a meat cleaver to slice them. So sue me. Actually, please don’t. We’re poor.

You can see that my dough wasn’t sticking well to itself. However, I muscled through it and got:

I made the sad attempt of rolling the log in red sanding sugar, to make them prettier, but obviously that didn’t go so well either. Le sigh.

At least the end product was tasty.

Until we make more cookies….check in tomorrow. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.



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