July 22, 2011

Katie and I have been pretty busy the last few weeks, but we have managed to make some progress on a couple projects- namely chairs. As always, we’ve had our ongoing battle with the re-upholstering project, and we’ve finally gotten all the pieces sewn, all the buttons made, and we’re ready to go. I’m hoping to finish the chair this weekend.

First, we had a long battle of finding the appropriate fabric to cover the seat. I was hoping to find a modern fabric to pop from the grey corduroy we found at Goodwill. It had to be a home dec weight fabric to hold up to the seating, and interesting enough without being *too* interesting. Here’s what we found:

I cut a small slice from the edge to cover my own buttons to match. The end result is

Next, I began sewing the buttons through the front of the chair to the back and securing them. The intention is to pillow the buttons in to the padding of the chair. I will then secure the fabric to the frame, pulling it tight.


I ran in to an issue on my first attempt. The buttons pulled right through. After a little research, I just made sure to thread the buttons through twice, so that more fabric was caught and securing the button.

The end result is starting to look pretty good I think. More pictures to follow in the next update.


At the same time, my mother and grandmother were in town and helped us re-organize our problematic living room. We didn’t spend much time there and it was really just a landing zone for my massive shoe collection.  After an afternoon of cleaning, reorganizing, dusting, and clutter control, we hit the thrift stores to find a couple chairs to drop in for seating. We came up with two chairs- one I’ll make a separate post about as it is not quite finished, and the other:


I’m not sure who decided that a red chair should be assaulted with that fabric. Ugh. We popped the seat out, ripped the fabric off, applied a nice creamy coat of paint, new fabric, and voila!

A super cute, modern looking chair. I’m thinking about painting rings to match on the back, or making arms for the chair, but that’s a post for another day. Stay tuned.