June 17, 2011

So I was going to try nougat take two yesterday, but then I decided I was too lazy. Nougat is, as you may have gathered from the previous post, finicky and exacting. So, still wanting to make candy, I decided to try something new, and decided on divinity. Apparently divinity is not a universally known candy (I remember having it as a kid), but it’s basically a cousin to meringues and marshmallows, so I figured it should go over well around here.

The steps for divinity are pretty much the same as a lot of other candy. You need a simple syrup and a meringue. This is actually  the easiest of all of the candies we’ve done, because there really are only those few ingredients and a couple of flavorings.

You beat the meringue to stiff peaks, hopefully at close to the same time you get your syrup to 250 degrees. You then beat the syrup into the meringue, let it go for 5 minutes or so, and add some vanilla for flavor. Then beat it for five more minutes, until it starts to loose it’s shine and dish it out with spoons. If you have more patience or dexterity than I do, you can make them into nice little rounds with a spoon swirl on top. Mine are more free-form, but they still taste good!

They do dry, so the texture is less sticky than something like marshmallow and less sticky than something like meringue. They’re also very sweet, so this is definitely a recipe for those who love sugar. The original recipe I used can be found here.

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