April 23, 2011

Here at BurbEx, we want to talk to you about weed. Having weed can be a dangerous issue. You get in to trouble quickly. It starts small and gets out of control, and then before you know it, you’ve lost the battle to not only weed, but to everything else as well. It will take time, money, and hard work to recover. Yes, weed…is bad.

Katie and I have been working hard on a number of projects, but probably the most time-consuming is re-working our yard. When we bought our house, the yard was fine, non-offensive, and manageable. Except for the giant juniper bushes outside our house. The overhaul started with ripping the junipers out. A season later, we’ve shaped, planted, and cultivated three and a half gardens. Turns out ripping out sod is not a fun task, but that’s another post. Today I want to talk about our vegetable garden. Because we invested significant time and energy in to the front yard last year (and for several years to come), our vegetable garden has gone feral.

It started out as a quiet garden that had been generally abandoned. A few straggling zucchini and cucumbers remained in what was once probably a nice garden. However, the perfect sun and lack of attention quickly resulted in waist-high grass and weeds that were impossible to contain. “It will die back” I thought to myself. Summer in Denver gets hot and dry. That did nothing but spurn the garden in to producing seeds in their fluffy abandon. All of a sudden we had a garden full of dandelions. “Well, it’s almost fall. It will die back, then we’ll weed.” Yeah, right. A season and a half later, we have a disasterous nightmare of a garden. My poor vegetables last year were contained in pots because there was no way I was reclaiming the garden without a machete (Katie- take note, I want a machete.). This year, however, I determined that we WILL reclaim the garden.. So, we got started.

As you can see, we did some initial weeding, and this was as much as the garden would die back. We ripped out a total of four large railroad ties that were separating the garden in half, for some reason. The compost bin was moved to the corner, and we moved the lilac bush to another part of the yard. It took us a full day to dig that out, rip out the sod to move it, and place it elsewhere. Next, the weeding began. We have spent the past several weeks/weekends weeding. Unfortunately the garden has been pretty overgrown with crabgrass. We also are fighting lilac roots, aspen roots, and this horrid vine that grows along the fence (thanks neighbors). Also thanks to the neighbor, there are large chunks of concrete we’ve had to dig out. However, we began making progress, so I planted some seedlings, planned our layout, and we bought wood to build garden boxes.


We agonized over what kind of wood to use, but ultimately we selected an untreated redwood. Redwood is rot/pest resistant naturally, and it is quite dry in Denver. We’ll update about how that goes. We built two boxes that were 8’x4’x6″ and two boxes that were 4’x4’x6″.

As of today, we’re making some good progress. I’m hoping we’ll get as far as raking out the dirt, digging out the boxes, and filling them. We have a nice compost/dirt mix from last season. Then we can plant, line the walkways with a weed barrier, and place pea gravel on the walkways.




As you can see, we have about one corner left to finish before we can begin raking and planting. Let this be a lesson that you must be responsible when weed is in the picture, because it gets out of control quite quickly.

2 Responses to “4/20”

  1. Taggart Giles said

    I hear dandelions are the gateway weed too.

  2. Kara said

    Ohhhhhhhhhh – they’re on THAT side of the house…

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